About Us

WPS STRATEGIC CONSULTING INC. has its headquarters in Miami-USA and a subsidiary in Brazil, with executive specialists in the following areas: Financial and Commercial, M&A operations, Equity, Securitization of Receivables, Bank Debt in Brazil and abroad.

Performing with a distinguished executive capacity in Wealth Management, WPS always seeks to understand what your business needs to grow and to restructure financially.

Jaime Segantine,

WPS’s president is an executive coming from the Financial and Banking area, Jaime Segantine, American resident for 20 years, graduated in Economics and Business Administration, with Masters in Business Management and in Business Consulting in the US. Jaime Segantine started his career in the largest private bank in Brazil, Bradesco, where he worked for 15 years, reaching the top of his career within Bradesco as a superintendent. Later, by invitation, he served as an executive in huge companies of Brazil such as: Credicard , Itapemirim Group, TAM Linhas Aéreas and Citibank.

In 2002, Jaime Segantine took up residence in the US aiming to open a company to act as a consultant, then he established WPS. Realizing the lack of companies specialized in offering options to raise funds in Brazil and abroad, long or short term and with grace periods, WPS focused on seeking partners in the Brazilian market and abroad such as Banks, Investment Funds and Private Investors who have the interest to invest in different projects in Brazil and abroad, in sectors such as:. Energy, Education and Health.

WPS in the US specializes in developing Business Plans, Starting Business, Market Research and majorly Consultancy for Brazilian investors looking for new business in the US, offering opportunities in diverse sectors to bring new Brazilian products to the American market. We act from market research to the registration with the FDA, and we’re available to seek partners to distribute the products as well.

WPS also has a CPA accounting professional in the US, partner of the legal department and the Real Estate sector, for those seeking to invest in the United States.

In 2020 WPS became MEMBER of India Brazil Chamber of Commerce, which aims to strengthen the commercial relationship between our customers in Brazil and India, as well as to offer other Chamber associates in Brazil the different services provided by WPS in the United States.

We emphasize that WPS is a company that seeks, within an ethical, transparent and professional concept, to serve our customers with promptness, honesty, agility and especially privacy.