Structured Operations (Project Finance)

We offer to our clients specialized consulting for the structuring, the preparation and the negotiation of contracts and guarantees, in corporate financing and as well in project financing, together with BNDES, Banco do Nordeste, regional development banks and international banks.

Debt Operations

WPS, with its bank partners, has today in the internal and international market countless proper lines of credit available to every type of business. A study conducted by specialized professionals in financial planning will define the best option for your company, through market research and credit analysis. WPS assists their clients to benefit from unique fees, terms and grace periods matching the credit profile of each client.

Receivables Securitization

Allows structuring debt operations through future receivables from contracts and credit card assets. Analyzing the performance history of the company, it’s possible to secure credit based on its future performance projections.

Equity Operations

An operation that aims to bring a Private Investor or an Investment Fund to the company, capitalizing it through the sale of part of the shareholding control. The Private Investor or Investment Fund can own minority or majority shares, for transitional or indefinite periods.

Wealth Management

In the Wealth Management area, WPS partnering with Belvedere Investimentos, offers exclusive services through their highly qualified team, assisting families to perform global resource allocation with total autonomy; presenting solutions based on the complete analysis of the patrimonial situation, defining and implementing the investment strategy along with the client; following the investments and providing continuous support to the client; performing the consolidation of liquid and illiquid assets in many financial institutions and keeping the client aware through reports and relevant data of the market.

IPO Process

We assist your company with Initial Public Offering, which is the opening of the share capital of the company to the stock market. This means distributing, for the first time, company stocks on the stock exchange, making it possible for people to buy part of it, making them shareholders of the company.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We advise your company in M&A, which are operations that unite companies, and, as an aspect of strategic management, mergers and acquisitions may allow companies to grow and to change the nature of their business or their competitive position.

Ex-Im Bank

Ex-Im Bank offers the opportunity to import new or used machinery, equipment, airplanes, helicopters, agricultural supplies, wine, olive oil and other imports with special interest fees, grace periods, biannual payments and no further additional guarantees.